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I'm native to Kenosha, WI. My studio, Estudio Aurora, is located in Racine, WI at the Racine Business Center. Dubbed the 16th St Studios, the Racine Business Center is a business incubator filled with 50+ artist's with varying mediums and other small businesses.

I've had many influences in my fine art and design work. Many of my teachers include family, school teachers, and university professors. Over the course of my experience in the art world, my artistic techniques have been discovered through the exploration of mediums. My photographic experience includes using both traditional SLR's and DSLR cameras. Currently, I use a Pentax K7 DSLR camera and switch out various lenses. I've worked in darkrooms, worked with digital photo editing software, and utilized photo studio equipment and settings. I've gained much of my photography experience  through schooling and freelance work.

School Experience
* North Metro Technical  College - Acworth, GA

 * University of Wisconsin Parkside - Kenosha, WI

Work Experience
* Inter-state Studios - Burlington, WI

* Various freelance jobs and studio work and experimentation

My photographic work has been exhibited at local art galleries and performance venues.


* Artists Gallery - Racine, WI

* RAW Artists, The Rave/Eagles Club - Milwaukee, WI

* Fusion - Kenosha Performing Arts Association - Kenosha, WI