Simmons Island Beach - Kenosha, Wisconsin (2016).

The outdoors in Wisconsin as programmed by mother nature herself. Seagulls everywhere and waves splashing. 3/20/16 marks the first day of Spring Equinox 2016. This is the earliest spring equinox since 1896. View south of Simmon's Island Beach.

Flyby Kisses (2016)

Created by Estudio Aurora. Watch how a busy bumblebee is bombarded with wasp kisses. Perceptions of positivity.


Red Witch Tall Ship (2016)

The Red Witch is a tall schooner that calls the Port of Kenosha its home. It's always a treat to watch it come in to port. This tall ship will be chartering through October 9th 2016.

Breast Cancer Awareness (2016).

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. See the yearly diagnosis and death statistics for men and women. Research more about risks, prevent, and control at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Visit at

Real Estate

Real Estate Photography: A Condo Tour (2016).

This short film is composed of photographs from my recent venture into residential/commercial real estate photography. My focus is to capture a home or property as a prospective client would see it while touring through. Your journey starts at the driveway entrance into the ground floor, loft, and finally the basement.

Libby the Cat

Libby Takes A Bath (2016).

Libby the cat takes a bath with uppity music.

Libby's Naptime (2016).

In this short film, Libby the cat takes a nap in her favorite comfy spot.

Uncut Films

Simmons Island Construction

Kenosha Harbor Dredging

Sweat Bee

Tech Armor iPhone Xs Max Screen Protection & Accessories